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Laser Custom Designs, LLC offers laser cutting and scoring services with
quick turnaround and reasonable prices.  We integrate the flexibility of 
CAD with a leading-edge laser cutting technology to produce intricate and
precise components for two and three dimensional visual presentations.

Working from existing CAD files or creating CAD files from your design 
drawings, we can laser cut components in a fraction of the time 
it takes to produce them by conventional techniques.
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Doing It Right From The Beginning -  Laser Custom Designs uses
revolutionary computer-aided laser cutting systems to turn computer drawings 
into laser cut parts.  Any shape that can be drawn in CAD or other computer
graphics programs can be laser cut.  Laser Custom Designs can also work from
your sketches, drawings or camera-ready art, and we will produce all the 
computer input for laser cutting.

Speed and Precision Laser Cutting - Laser Custom Designs' state-
of-the-art laser system is much faster than other cutting methods requiring 
blades or milling.  The laser system cuts sharp inside corners and micro fine 
details, which are impossible to produce with other tools.  In addition, the laser
system can score and scribe materials in a variety of widths and depths.
Unlike blade cuts, laser cutting does not stress or distort materials, allowing
your components to maintain their strength and durability.  The laser system
also flame polishes the edges of acrylics; therefore, no hand finishing is required.

Time Saving Techniques - If you plan to do your own finishing and 
assembly, Laser Custom Designs can help.   We provide pre-applied adhesives
for easy "peel and stick" assembly, and can laser scribe through masking
materials for fast, precise painting and finishing.
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